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We welcome the time and energy of community members to help address the issues of sexual assault in our community and to help us provide support and intervention to those who have been affected. Volunteer opportunities include Crisis Advocate, Nurse Examiners, Adjunct Therapist/ Clinical Intern, Amigas de Amigo Volunteer Program, and Prevention and Outreach.

If you are interested in any of the Volunteer positions below, please call us at (520) 327-1171.

Crisis Advocate

Crisis Advocate Volunteer Application
Help us provide support and crisis intervention to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or has been affected by sexual violence.

24-Hour Crisis Line:
Duties: To provide support, crisis intervention, information, referrals, and advocacy to victims/survivors of sexual assault, their friends, family members or significant others. To provide information to other callers who are seeking any services relevant to sexual assault and/or relationship violence. Advocates are required to follow all policies and procedures outlined in the training and offered in the on call manuals.

24-Hour Sexual Assault Resource Service (SARS):
Duties: To provide in-person support, crisis intervention, information, referrals, and advocacy to victims of recent sexual assault at local hospital emergency rooms. Support may also be for any friends, family members and significant others present with victims. Advocates communicate with medical and law enforcement personnel about needs of victim/survivor, and also provide relevant and needed resources and referrals to recent victim/survivor and family if needed.

National Advocate Credentialing Program Approved. This training is pre-approved by the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP).The NACP is sponsored by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) and is open to any individual who provides services to those victimized by a crime, whether as paid or volunteer staff, and whether they have a formal degree or not.

Upcoming Training Information
Crisis Intervention Training for Crisis Advocates
The training is for SARS, the Crisis Line, and the Spanish Line.

For more nformation, please contact:
Phone: (520) 327-1171

Adjunct Therapist/ Clinical Intern

The Center Against Sexual Assault is looking for Adjunct and Clinical Interns to provide Psychotherapy to Survivors of Sexual Assault.

Amigas de Amigos Volunteer Program

The Amigas and Amigos del Pueblo program is comprised of volunteer community members who are trained to be first responders to victim/survivors of sexual violence and their families. Once trained, Amigos and Amigas help with outreach, connect community members with Su Voz Vale services and other community services, and attend monthly volunteer meetings. The training is offered three times a year in English and Spanish. Amigos and Amigas learn:

~Crisis intervention skills
~Active listening skills
~Physical and emotional effects of sexual violence, acquaintance rape,

  child sexual abuse and domestic violence
~Community resources available for those seeking help

Once trained, volunteers are able to respond to disclosures from victim/survivors, help victim/survivors design appropriate action plans, refer and connect victim/survivors to community resources and work within established community networks. The training focuses on culturally appropriate ways to work with the Latino community. A minimum five-hour monthly commitment is asked of all community members who complete the training.

Sexual Violence Prevention, Education, and Outreach Volunteers/Interns

The Community Education and Outreach Program presents trainings on Personal Safety, Sexual Harassment, Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault to children in the grades 6-12 as well as adult community members.

These trainings take place in schools and community settings throughout Pima County. The presentations are made in small group settings, in classrooms, or at community wide informational fairs.


If you are interested in any of the above positions, please call

(520) 327-1171.


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